Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce is focused on marketing Balbriggan as one of the most desirable destinations in Fingal – for businesses, residents and visitors alike. 

Some of the key initiatives that the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce is focusing on include: 
1. Supporting local businesses: The Chamber works closely with local businesses to help them thrive and grow. This includes providing networking opportunities, training and development program. 
2. Promoting tourism: Balbriggan has a rich history and beautiful attractions, and the Chamber is working to promote these to visitors. This includes organizing events, creating marketing materials, and working with local businesses to enhance the visitor experience. 
3. Investing in infrastructure: The Chamber is advocating for improvements to local infrastructure, such as transportation links and public spaces. This will not only benefit residents and visitors, but also attract new businesses to the area. 
4. Supporting community events: Balbriggan has a strong sense of community, and the Chamber helps to promote events that bring people together. This includes festivals, markets, and cultural celebrations. 
Overall, the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building a vibrant and sustainable economy in Balbriggan, and is working tirelessly to make the town a great place to live, work, and visit.  

Become a Member 

The Chamber is dedicated to supporting local business owners to explore the exciting business opportunities in Balbriggan and surrounding areas. 
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